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From my view

This photo was taken as I was taking my dog team back to the Tombstone Campground off the Dempster Highway. It was taken about 6 years ago when I was living in Dawson City with my dog team.


Wild Spaces beyond the imagination - Yukon


Our take-off out of the Campground was crazy (as usual) and I lost my dog team and had to walk to this frozen lake where I found them all tangled up, luckily safe and sound. We continued for a little bit but the trail off the lake was very deep with snow and was not hard packed so it made for a slow and difficult run. I was with a friend and her dog team and we soon decided to turn back for the campground. It was so beautiful crossing this frozen lake and luckily my dogs knew the way back, as it would have been difficult to get my snow hook (stops the team like an anchor) into the very hard ice (the hook is made for snow). As you can see one of my wheel dogs (the dogs right in front of the sled) wasn’t real happy about crossing the frozen lake. It freaked me out too but the scenery took my mind off it. I knew as soon as I took the photo that it would become my favourite.


- Christine Curtis